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Welcome to Roadside Station "Kita-Harima Ecomuseum!"

The Kita-Harima Ecomuseum is the roadside station in Nishiwaki City, located at latitude 35 north and longitude 135 east, which is called "Japan's bellybutton." Exit the Chugoku Expressway at Takino-Yashiro IC and drive 15 minutes northward and you will find the station along Route 175. It is a popular site for drivers to rest and enjoy shopping and eating. In the Specialty Goods Section, you can purchase "Golden Sesami," our local specialty, a variety of fresh vegetables and eggs from local farmers, lunchboxes filled with Kurodasho Japanese Beef, Banshu Hyakunichi Chicken and other deli products, as well as traditional Banshu cloth, a fabric-made dyed yarn with a history of 200 years. At the restaurant, "Tanishi," please relax and enjoy our hospitality and the homemade dishes of Kita-Harima. The station also serves as the main information center of the Kita-Harima Den-en Kukan Museum for which the entire Kita-Harima area is regarded as a "museum." Local volunteer guides are always available and provide timely information about seasonal sightseeing spots of the Kita-Harima area. Please visit the Roadside Station "Kita-Harima Ecomuseum," which is full of fun attractions. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Kita-Harima!

Basic Information (holidays, business hours, locations and contacts for navigation devices, access, etc.)

Holidays December 30 - January 2 Location 517-1 Terauchi, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
9 a.m. - 7 p.m. (March to October)
9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (November to February)
Phone/Fax (0795)-25-2651 / (0795)-22-2123
Lavatory For men 4 urinals and
2 private stalls
(1 western-style, 1 Japanese-style)
For women 2 western-style, 2 Japanese-style
1 multi-purpose toilet with a diaper-changing table
Ostomate-supporting toilet available
Open 24 hours/day 
Access Exit Chugoku Expressway at Takino -Yashiro IC to take the route to Nishiwaki.
15 minutes northward on Route 175. 

* Information only available in Japanese.
Parking spaces 50 spaces for standard-sized vehicles (including 2 handicapped spaces), 3 spaces for large vehicles
Open 24 hours/day
E-Mail * Information only available in Japanese.